Friday, 6 September 2013

New Haven Can Wait - s02e06 - Jenny

New Haven Can Wait - s02e06 - Jenny

New Haven Can Wait - s02e06 - Jenny by thegossiplook featuring a tory burch pendant

Rufus: Oh, after that shower, there won't be any hot water left in the building.
Jenny: I wasn't in the shower the whole time. I was waiting for something.
Vanessa: I got here as fast as I could.
Jenny: I know. I, uh, saw you running up the block from my window.
Rufus: What's going on here?
Jenny: Did you know that Vanessa's applying for NYU next fall?
Rufus: Something you wouldn't be able to do without finishing high school.
Jenny: Which she's doing by homeschooling.
Rufus: Which she has to do because she has to work to support herself. Living as an adult when you're a teenager is not something any parent wants for their child.
Jenny: Well, what about what I want for me?
Rufus: Well, until you're 18, what you want gets trumped by what I want.
Vanessa: Plan B.
Jenny: Come to the atelier with me today.
Rufus: Come with you?
Jenny: I'll make you a deal. Spend the day with me, and by the end of the day, if you honestly think that I should go back to Constance on Monday, I will.
Rufus: Jenny, I've seen all your designs, heard about your internship all summer long. What more is there?
Jenny: Well, things are different now. Well, at least we'll be moving forward in one way or another.
Rufus: It's a deal.
Jenny: You mean it?
Rufus: You have my word. 
Jenny: Thank you!


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