Tuesday, 1 October 2013

New Haven Can Wait - s02e06 - Serena

New Haven Can Wait - s02e06 - Serena

New Haven Can Wait - s02e06 - Serena by thegossiplook featuring a 18k bangle bracelet

Blair: Trying to come up with an answer for the Dean's parlor game?
Serena: You manipulated your way in here?
Blair: I get what I want, Serena, just like I'm gonna win tonight. What's your answer? Oh, no, let me guess. Lauren Conrad.
Serena: Try George Sand. Wait. That's-- your answer? Not anymore. If you're gonna cheat your way in, then why should I play fair? Oh, and I heard that the Dean asks his question in alphabetical order, so since "V" comes before "W," it looks like the answer is all mine.
Man: Although I love Henry VIII, I prefer Sir Thomas more.
Blair: I think it's great that Pope Benedict canonized him when he did.
Serena: Oh, thank you. Don't you mean Pope Pius XI?
Man: That's quite right, miss, uh...
Serena: Van Der Woodsen.
Man: Van der woodsen, is it? Hi. Most people don't know their popes in succession.
Serena: Oh.
Man2: Excuse me.  Can I borrow you for a minute?
Blair: How do you even know that? You slept through history class last year.
Serena: I love "The Tudors." Henry Cavill is a total babe. You look pretty calm for someone who no longer has the perfect answer to the Dean's question.
Blair: You don't think I came all the way here without a backup answer, do you? Oh, and it's a real crowd-pleaser. It's gonna kill.
Dean: Everyone. Everyone. It's time for my favorite part of the evening, which has delightfully become known over the years as probatur.
Blair: That's latin for "the quiz."
Dean: We will begin with Mr. Applebaum.

Dean: And now on to Miss... Steinberg. Your answer is Artemis.
Miss Steinberg: Artemis is the goddess of the forests and the hills. As a freegan, I believe in all living things being equal to all people.
Serena: I'm so glad they did this alphabetically, 'cause now I get to see the look on your face when I use your answer even sooner. 
Blair: I can tell you right now, the look on my face will be of vindication.
Miss Steinberg: ...And also screw the man at the same time.
Dean: Very nice, Miss Steinberg. Uh, now on to Miss Van Der Woodsen. The person you would most like to have dinner with, real or imagined, living or dead is... Pete Fairman. I do not know this person. Who is Pete Fairman?
Serena: He, uh, he... He's...
Blair: He's the man she killed.
Serena: I cannot believe you did this.
Blair: Why? It's not like you don't deserve it.
Dean: Miss Van Der Woodsen, would you like to, uh, explain?
Serena: No, of course, Dean Berube. Um, Pete Fairman was a man that I knew.
Blair: Man/dealer.
Dean: Miss Waldorf, let her speak.
Serena: He died almost two years ago when I was with him. What happened was a tragedy, and I am filled with regret over it, but I was not responsible—
Blair: Were you responsible for the sex tape?
Serena: Blair.
Blair: It wasn't very sexy, if you ask me.
Serena: Blair, that's enough. Let's go. Dean Berube, do you mind if we, um, sort this out privately, please?
Dean: Take all the time you need.
Blair: My answer was George Sand. Love her, idolize, worship!

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