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The Dark Night - s02e03 - Serena

The Dark Night - s02e03 - Serena

The Dark Night - s02e03 - Serena by thegossiplook featuring floral dresses

Serena: Hey. Sorry I'm late.
Dan: Oh, no. It's not a problem. You--you look great, as always.
Serena: Thank you.
Dan: Oh. Oh, that's, uh, that's troubling.
Serena: Maybe we should just go. Yeah.
Dan: Did I say you look nice?
Serena: Yeah. Thanks again, though.
Dan: Yeah. You're welcome.
Serena: Did you do anything this afternoon?
Dan: No. No. You?
Serena: No. Chuck had a Japanese stewardess over today.
Dan: Oh... It's a slow elevator.
Dan: Yeah, my name's Dan Humphrey. Yeah. Uh, the elevator's stuck. Okay. Okay. All right. Thank you. Well, it's a citywide blackout, so the guy says we just have to wait, hope the power comes back on soon. What? No. No, I know when you're thinking of something. Just tell me.
Serena: No, it's--it's nothing.
Dan: Serena.
Serena: Well, you--you probably should have mentioned my name.
Dan: Are you kidding?
Serena: Just forget it.
Dan: No, seriously. You think that there's, like, a box that says, "open in event of Serena Van Der Woodsen emergency"?
Serena: I live in the building. That's all.
Dan: No, it's a citywide blackout, so there--there must be hundreds of people stuck in elevators right now.
Serena: Okay, if you're not gonna call them, can we not talk about it
You're making it hotter.
Dan: Okay.
Serena: No, Dan--
Dan: Why not? Yeah, hey. It's Dan Humphrey again. Uh, Humph--Humphrey, the guy in the elevator? Yeah. I know, I know, but I forgot to say that I'm with Serena Van Der Woodsen. Okay. Thanks. Well, they're gonna send someone, so...
Serena: Oh. Sorry. What do you want, Dan, for me to never say my name?
Dan: I'm not gonna get into this now.
Serena: We thought we could avoid dealing with last year, well, this is fate telling us we can't. What are you doing?
Dan: I'm getting out of here.
Serena: No. Someone's coming. The man said so.
Dan: Right. Because someone always comes To save Serena Van Der Woodsen. Serena: That's not fair.
Dan: I know it's not. That's the point.
Serena: Fine. You know what? Life's not fair, because it doesn't fit with the way you, Dan Humphrey, think things should be. But why are you always right?
Dan: No, I never--i never said.. Ooh! That hurt.
Serena: Are you okay?
Dan: Ow. Yeah. I'm fine.
Serena: Are you sure?
Dan: I'm sorry. Uh, ooh. Ow.
Serena: I forgive you for Georgina.
Dan: And I forgive you, but... I don't know.
Serena: We keep having the same fight... At Bart's brunch a year ago, at the wedding...
Dan: Where we talked about the fight at Bart's brunch...
Serena: And now here. I can't change who I am, Dan.
Dan: Me neither. So what happens now?
Serena: I don't really feel like talking.
Dan: Yeah. Me neither.
Serena: I'm scared.
Dan: I know. Me, too.
Serena: When I step out of here, it's over.
Dan: I-i think-- I think it was already. It just took us this long to realize and get used to the idea. Serena... I still--
Serena: I know. Me, too. I love you.
GossipGirl: Love may fade with the season, but some friendships are year-round, like you and me. You know you love me. XOXO, Gossip Girl.

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