Saturday, 8 September 2012

The Ex-Files - s02e04 - Vanessa

The Ex-Files - s02e04 - Vanessa

The Ex-Files - s02e04 - Vanessa by thegossiplook featuring alexis bittar earrings

Vanessa: Nate.
Nate: What are you doing here?
Vanessa: I came to apologize. I didn't know what Blair was doing with the deal and the money and...
Nate: You think I care about the money? I mean, I asked you point-blank if anything was wrong. You lied to me.
Vanessa: I had to. I didn't know what to do.
Nate: What, so you confided in Dan? I mean, Blair? Really? Everyone but me. I gotta get to school.
Vanessa: So that's it? We can't even be friends?
Nate: Well, we were never really friends, remember?

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