Friday, 9 November 2012

The Serena Also Rises - s02e05 - Jenny

The Serena Also Rises - s02e05 - Jenny

The Serena Also Rises - s02e05 - Jenny by thegossiplook featuring estée lauder

Eleanor: You did this on purpose. You put Serena into your dress so you could sneak it into my show.
Jenny: No, I didn't. I swear.
Eleanor: When I expose your eve harrington ways, your bright future will be snuffed out like a candle.
Laurel: Eleanor, Andreleon Talley is raving about the finale dress. He said it was the perfect culmination to your line, loved it.
Blair: They loved the dress?
Jenny: My dress? Eleanor, I used scraps of fabric I found around the atelier, and I adapted one of your old patterns. It's basically your design. Please take credit for it.
Eleanor: I am Eleanor Waldorf. I do not have to take credit for a dress made by a child.
Blair: Mom, Jenny saved the show. It was her idea to use the socialites. And look. It's a smash success. Take your bow.
Eleanor: Please?
Blair: What else are you gonna do, mom?
Eleanor: What the hell.
Woman: A guy's acting crazy outside, wants to be let in, says he's your father. Should I put him on the list?
Jenny: Um, no. My dad's out of town. It must be a mistake.
Woman: Okay.
Eleanor: I would like to thank everyone for making the show a spectacular success. But most of all, I would like to thank Jenny Humphrey, The sensational Jenny Humphrey. Without her hard work and talent, The show literally would not have gone on. To Jenny.
All: To Jenny. To Jenny.
Rufus: From now on, your privileges consist of bread, water and school.
Jenny: You can't make me give up my job with Eleanor.
Rufus: Watch me.
Jenny: Dad, you pursued your music when you were young. You didn't focus on school, and you got what you wanted for a while.
Rufus: And I don't want my children repeating my mistakes.
Jenny: And if your career had taken off then you wouldn't consider them mistakes. And maybe I'm just more-- more
Rufus: Talented than me? Believe me. I hope you are. I hope you become a success at  whatever it is you choose, after you finish school.
Jenny: Well, maybe that's not the path I want.
Rufus: Is that what you told headmistress Queller, that you don't care about all the school you've missed?
Jenny: No. I told her I'm not coming back.

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