Sunday, 11 November 2012

The Serena Also Rises - s02e05 - Serena

The Serena Also Rises - s02e05 - Serena

The Serena Also Rises - s02e05 - Serena by thegossiplook featuring a gold clutch purse

Blair: Serena, can we talk?
Serena: About what? How you tried to publicly humiliate me?
Blair: You know about the dress.
Serena: Yeah, Laurel told me. She said it was an accident. Clearly, she doesn't know you.
Blair: I'm sorry. I was hurt, okay? Y-you blew off our most beloved tradition.
Serena: Just get over it, Blair.
Blair: Excuse me?
Serena: My whole life, I have been bending over backwards to protect your feelings. And you know what? It's not my fault you're so insecure.
Blair: And I'm sure it's not your fault you're so conceited.
Serena: I'm just tired of trying to hold myself back so I don't outshine you.
Blair: Oh, my God. Can you hear the words that are coming out of your mouth?
Serena: Just the truth. From now on, I'm gonna be who I am, and if you can support that and not be  threatened and competitive, then great. If not...

GossipGirl: If there's one thing I've learned, it's that there would be no gossip without secrets. You might be brave enough to reveal your secret, only to have it used against you... Or someone else's secret might affect you in unexpected ways. There are some secrets you're only too happy to keep. Others surface only to be buried away deeper than they were before. But the most powerful secrets are the truths you thought you could never reveal, that once spoken, change everything. But don't worry, B. The brightest stars burn out the fastest, or at least that's what I heard. Waiting for a star to fall, XOXO, Gossip Girl.

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