Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The Ex-Files - s02e04 - Amanda

The Ex-Files - s02e04 - Amanda

The Ex-Files - s02e04 - Amanda by thegossiplook featuring a silk print dress

Dan: So... Are you sure you want to eat here? 'Cause this is, uh, I'm thinking this is maybe not a great idea.
Amanda: Why? Everyone comes here. Dan, it's time to send a message.
Isabel: I am not sharing my lump crab.
Penelope: Check it out.
GossipGirl: What Dan Humphrey does with the other serfs in the village is his business. But when he brings his new maiden to court...
Isabel: I can't believe he brought her here.
GossipGirl: It's a declaration of war. Sound the trumpets, strumpets.

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