Thursday, 21 July 2011

Poison Ivy - s01e03 - Blair

Poison Ivy - s01e03 - Blair

Blair: May I please have everyone's attention? Welcome again to the Constance Billiard - St.Jude's Ivy Week mixer. I'm Blair Waldorf, Chair of the Community outreach Committee. Every year our schools choose to support one local institution that we feel benefits our community. This year, our schools have chosen to honour the Ostroff Center. This semester, our choice is a very personal one because the Center has helped one of our own.
Lily: What is going on here?
Blair:...It's because of their excellent programme which aids so many young addicts and alchoholics that a student here with us today is clean and sober. At least for now. Can I please have Serena Van Der Woodsen join me on stage?
GossipGirl: Spotted at the Ivy Week Mixer, S and B's last stand and only one gets out alive. Better take cover.

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