Monday, 30 April 2012

The Dark Night - s02e03 - Blair

The Dark Night - s02e03 - Blair

The Dark Night - s02e03 - Blair by thegossiplook featuring a matte makeup

GossipGirl: In these last hazy days of summer, a few simple tips to beat the heat. One--drink plenty of fluids. Two--stay out of the sun.
Jenny: Oh, excuse me. Sorry. Excuse me. Ow.
GossipGirl: Three...
Serena: Ugh!
GossipGirl: ...Limit all physical activity. That is, within reason.
Marcus: I thought you wanted my help with this party you're hosting.
Blair: A back-to-school party for seniors and their parents? It can wait.
Marcus: But someone could walk in. Dorota or--
Blair: So? Didn't you see "Atonement"? That scene in the library when they're discovered?
Marcus: Mm. No. No, Blair. That's not you.
Blair: It's not?
Marcus: You're a delicate little flower, nothing like that tart, Keira Knightley.
Blair: It's just, we've been dating a while, and I thought--
Marcus: I feel the same way, but you're very special to me. I want the moment to equal it. Now... The tea's getting cold.
GossipGirl: And if the heat's still too much, there's always a cold shower.

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