Thursday, 5 April 2012

Never Been Marcused - s02e02 - Serena

Never Been Marcused - s02e02 - Serena

Never Been Marcused - s02e02 - Serena by thegossiplook featuring embellished tees

GossipGirl: As summer comes to an end, I'd like to share a few of the things I've learned about fun in the sun. "Gossip Girl's guide to summer", tip number one: Don't fall asleep on the job. The best hookups are free of morning breath and awkward conversation. The only thing harder than making up is waking up.
Serena: Morning.
Dan: What?
Serena: I'm sorry. I...I'm just a little, um...
Dan: Overwhelmed?
Serena: Confused. Last night was...
Dan: It was amazing.
Serena: And confusing.
Dan: Okay. Now I'm-- I'm a little confused.
Serena: Well, it was so romantic what you did, showing up here, and it feels so right to be together.
Dan: But you're having second thoughts.
Serena: No. I-I just think that we should think... Before we get back together, right?
Dan: Y-yeah, I mean, I thought-- I thought this meant we were back together. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Serena: No, you're not.
Dan: No, I'm not at all.
Serena: And neither am I, and—and I want to keep it that way. But this is a big decision, and—and we did break up for a reason...  Many reasons. But this was never our problem. Okay. I will see you back in the city... Mmm. Fully clothed... With lots of people around. Okay? We'll talk.
Dan: Yeah, about our problems. That sounds great.

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