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Never Been Marcused - s02e02 - Catherine

Never Been Marcused - s02e02 - Catherine

Catherine: Charles Bass?
Chuck: I'm sorry. I wasn't expecting anyone so young or so beautiful.
Catherine: Just because I didn't give birth to Marcus doesn't mean I'm any less interested in his well-being. I don't usually take meetings
with children, Charles, so what do you have to say for yourself?
Chuck: Plenty.
GossipGirl: Lordy, lordy, look who's 40--or at least a well-preserved 38. We knew Chuck had a thing for older women, but is this risky business or strictly business? 

Blair: Wasn't that wonderful? Thank you, Ingrid and Beatrice.
Ingrid: I'm Ingrid. she's Beatrice.
Blair: That's what I said. Ah! I just love Mozart.
Marcus: Uh, that wasn't Mozart.
Blair: Come, come.
Serena: Blair, who are these people?
Blair: Dorota invited them. Dan, hi!
Serena: Uh, no-- I'm sorry.
Blair: Come meet the lord.
Dan: Okay. Uh, h-hello, Lord. I'm Dan Humphrey.
Marcus: Marcus Beaton. Nice to meet you, Dan. Do--do you know Serena?
Dan: I do.
Serena: He does.
Blair: Dan is a football fanatic. He's a huge Chelsea fan.
Serena: Oh, me, too. I just love the Balenciaga store.
Marcus: Freshen your drink?
Blair: Mm. yes, please.
Dan: So, uh... Sh-she actually refers to him as "the lord"?
Serena: I'm so glad you're here. Chuck.
Dan: The name's Dan.
Serena: No, Chuck's here, and Blair didn't invite him.
Dan: Maybe he's her plus-one.
Blair: What are you doing here?
Chuck: Blair.
Serena: That's Nate's... Mom's friend. Um, I have to go. I'll be back.
Chuck: I thought you might like to meet my friend.
Blair: Why? So she can warn me about the effects of too much botox?
Catherine: Blair, is it? I'm Duchess Beaton.
Blair: The Duchess?
Serena: The duchess?
Blair: Nice to meet you.
Serena: Come on. if you really like him, just apologize.
Blair: What good will it do me now? Duchess? I am so sorry about what I said about the botox. Your work is flawless. Look, I know you're here with Chuck, and I can only imagine what he's said about me-- limo sex, social torture of freshmen, blackmail. But I assure you, there is an explanation for all of it.
Catherine: Save your breath, Blair. Chuck didn't tell me a thing.
Blair: Oh. He didn't?
Serena: Wait. He--he didn't?
Catherine: I told him not to bother. None of it makes any difference to me, because nothing will change the fact that despite your best efforts-- which are completely transparent, by the way-- Marcus is never going to end up with a lowly Waldorf.
Serena: Nate.
Catherine: Nate?
Nate: Catherine?
Blair: You two know each other?
Serena: No. No, no, no. Yeah, well, just from Book Club this summer. But that's it. They've had no other personal contact. Uh, Blair's dating Catherine's stepson. And, Catherine, Nate's Blair's ex.
GossipGirl: What's this? Chuck's date and Blair's date are mother and son, and Nate and Blair are exes, and Nate and the mother are in a Book Club? Now there's a novel plot twist.

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