Saturday, 14 April 2012

Never Been Marcused - s02e02 - Blair

Never Been Marcused - s02e02 - Blair

Never Been Marcused - s02e02 - Blair by thegossiplook featuring leather shoes

Blair: This party's a complete bust. My whole life's a bust.
Serena: Well, it serves you right. You were scheming to convince Marcus you're someone you're not.
Blair: But my intentions were good. I really do like him. I just... As soon as I knew he liked me, I would have relaxed and dropped the manipulative plotting and devoted myself to being the best girlfriend ever.
Serena: See? Thank you. There's my B. Show this girl to Catherine, and
she'll want you to be with Marcus. This is you. Just be yourself.
Blair: She made "Waldorf" rhyme with "Spears." I may as well have gone commando and held my party at Nyla's burger basket.
Serena: Fine. While you stand here and feel sorry for yourself and denigrate the fine people of Kentwood, I'm gonna go find Dan. Cheer up.

Blair: Dorota, have you seen the Duchess?
Dorota: In library.
Blair: Oh, my effing God!
Nate: Well, I don't have to explain myself to you.
Blair: No explanation necessary. I think I got it.
Nate: Catherine?
Blair: She'll just be one more minute, if you don't mind. Here you go. Can I just say how sorry I am that I judged you earlier?
Catherine: You judged me?
Blair: I thought you were just a callow, social-climbing former swimsuit model who married above her station only to be enslaved by her own insecurities. But now that I've seen you rolling around on the floor with my adolescent ex, I understand you have a compassionate side, too.
Catherine: What are you saying, Blair?
Blair: That I think you'll find it in your heart to take pity on me, and in spite of my common, lowly, unroyal ways, accept that I have true feelings for Marcus and that he has them for me, too. I think that would be the best thing for both of us, don't you?
Marcus: Oh, there you are.
Blair and Catherine: Hello, darling.
Marcus: Am I too late? As soon as I heard you were at Blair's party, Duchess, I knew I had to find you and do damage control. Is there still time, or have you already scared Blair off?
Catherine: Not at all, dear. Blair here is a treat. I can see why you're so fond of her.
Marcus: She never likes my girlfriends.
Blair: She just had to get to know the real me. Did you say girlfriend?

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