Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Dark Night - s02e03 - Jenny

The Dark Night - s02e03 - Jenny

The Dark Night - s02e03 - Jenny by thegossiplook featuring twist jewelry

Jenny: I know it's hot, but I need everything fitted and ready for Eleanor to inspect.
Laurel: Jenny?
Jenny: Yeah, I know. I'll clean the atelier as soon as I'm finished here, okay?
Laurel: The bathrooms, too. Someone decided to give us a second look at breakfast.
Jenny: Laurel believes in her interns paying their dues.
Model: You must really want this.
Jenny: Why, 'cause for the past three months I've put up with midnight coffee runs, 15-hour days, cleaning up after the two in-house bulimics, all so that Eleanor Waldorf will spend five minutes looking at my  designs? Yeah. Yeah, I really, really do.
Model: Okay.
Jenny: Uh, I feel like it's not right. Um, hold on.
Woman: Hello. C'est a l'heure? Merci madam. Air France says Eleanor's plane's on time.
Laurel: Oh. All right, I'm gonna meet her at the penthouse. I think Blair's hosting a party there. If the A.C. guy comes, call me. Yes?
Jenny: I think there might be something wrong with the dress.
Laurel: No. This--this is what Eleanor designed.
Jenny: Really? Even--
Laurel: Did you ever see "Cinderella"?
Jenny: The cartoon? Sure.
Laurel: Remember the little birds that helped her dress? Remember how they didn't offer their opinion? Try to imagine that you're one of those birds. Can you do that?
Jenny: Yeah.
Laurel: Now fly away.
Jenny: I just think if we hemmed it and then got rid of all that stuff by the collar, right?
Model: Yeah. Oh, my God. That's so much better.
Jenny: I just--i feel like the dress is trying too hard, and this part is so '90s.
Eleanor: Interesting observation. And who are you?
Jenny: Uh, I'm... I'm Jenny Humphrey, the Parsons intern. Uh, I thought you were going home. Laurel went to go meet you.
Eleanor: And I decided to come here. You can, um, leave those and bring the rest of the bags to the apartment. So now interns have opinions. I have been gone a while.
Jenny: Mrs. Waldorf, um, I hope that you don't think that I was trying--
Eleanor: That you were telling the model that has to wear my design all the many, many things that are wrong with it? It's hot and late. We'll finish your fitting tomorrow.
Jenny: I'm--i'm so sorry. That was completely, completely unprofessional, and I promise it will never happen again from me. I s--i swear.
Eleanor: I know you won't. Not here at least. I need people around here that I can trust. Clean out your station.
Jenny: What? No. No, please. You can't--
Eleanor: Oh, yes, please, I can, and if you are still hoping for a letter of recommendation, you won't argue. Why is it so hot in here?

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