Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Dark Night - s02e03 - Vanessa

The Dark Night - s02e03 - Vanessa

The Dark Night - s02e03 - Vanessa by thegossiplook featuring heeled sandals

Vanessa: Nate? Oh, my God.
Blair: Everyone, stay calm. I'm sure the power will be back on in a second.
Nate: Vanessa.
Catherine: Nate.
Marcus: It'll be fine.
GossipGirl: Sorry to break it to you, B, but this party just went over to the dark side.
Blair: It's a citywide blackout, but we have candles. Everything's fine.
Nate: Vanessa.
Marcus: Nate, thank goodness. Would you please tell this young lady she can't go outside in the blackout?
Vanessa: Yeah. Well, I am.
Nate: No, it's okay, Marcus. I got it. I got it. Just come with me, please.
Vanessa: I can't believe this. Here I kept thinking, "Nate's so much different than Blair and all the others," but you're just as bad.
Nate: Look, it's not that simple, okay?
Vanessa: Are you sleeping with that woman?
Nate: Yes.
Vanessa: Is that the reason you keep canceling on me?
Nate: Yes, but--
Vanessa: No, Nate. There are no "but"s. You lied to me, and you're sleeping with some Mrs. Robinson. and while on the Upper East Side that might be totally normal... I didn't sign up for some creepy love triangle with you and someone's mom.
Nate: She's giving me money.
Vanessa: Well, that's just the capper, isn't it?
Nate: No, my mom and I needed help. I just-- I had no other option.
Vanessa: Tell me everything.

Nate: But my mom still thinks Chuck's lending us the money, so just sending it through me.
Vanessa: So borrowing money from your son's friend is fine, but whoring him out to pay the club bill isn't. Do you wanna be with this woman?
Nate: No, I want to be with you. But I just know that's not gonna happen now, so...
Vanessa: Nate... You have to end this for yourself. Forget about what I said before. You are better than this. I'll be here when you get back.

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