Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Dark Night - s02e03 - Serena

The Dark Night - s02e03 - Serena

The Dark Night - s02e03 - Serena by thegossiplook featuring a multi chain necklace

Serena: She can be so infuriating. Sometimes I just want to... Okay, enough Blair bashing.
Dan: No. Don't stop on my account, please. Keep on bashing.
Serena: I mean, obviously we have things to talk about, and we'll talk about them, but it's no big deal, right? Oh, god. You--you agree with her.
Dan: No, no. I don't. No, I don't. It's--it's just, uh...
Serena: Wait. H-hold on. Oh, it's my mom. She's calling from Shanghai. Can I take this?
Dan: Oh, yeah. Go.
Serena: Sorry. Hello?
Dan: Saved by the bell.
Girl1: Are you Dan Humphrey?
Serena: Hi, mom. Oh, my gosh. Where?
Dan: Uh, yeah. Can I help you?
Girl1: How could you do it?
Dan: What? I'm sorry. I-i don't—
Girl1: Get back together with Serena. Don't you know she's just gonna lie to you again?
Girl2: She doesn't respect you. She never will.
Dan: Excuse me. Who--who are you?
Girl1: We read about everything on "Gossip Girl." Your whole breakup? We're on your side. Except for her. She's a Serena.
Dan: Okay, um, well, look, this is-- This is both creepy and none of your business. So if you could, uh, just go, please. You can just run along.
Serena: I-i lost her They were on a yacht with some greek prince. Hello.
Dan: Yeah, ignore them.
Girl3: Serena, how could you forgive him after sleeping with Georgina? Dan: What? What? No. No, this is insane. I didn't sleep with Georgina.  No. All right? Please go.
Girl2: But we're on your side.
Girl3: Not me. His mouth kissed Georgina's. Think about that the next time—
Serena: O-okay. Yeah. Th-that's enough. Now I'm telling you to go. Come on. Get out of here. Shoo.
Dan: Thank you.
Serena: Wow. What was that?
Dan: That was, uh, oh, that was "Gossip Girl." So?
Serena: Well, maybe there are some things that, um, you know, we--we should talk about.
Dan: Yeah. Well, I think so.
Serena: Y-yeah, th-there's some stuff I have to do, now, before the party.
Dan: Okay.
Serena: So why don't we talk, um...
Dan: Yeah, we'll talk later when I pick you up.
Serena: Yeah, perfect. Okay.
Dan: All right, that'll be good.
Serena: Bye.
Dan: Bye. I'll see you later.

Serena: Who was that?
Chuck: A whiff of the Far East.
Serena: Sometimes I envy you, the way you just-- Ew. What am I saying? You're disgusting.
Chuck: Relax. Nothing happened with Madame Butterfly.
Serena: Yeah, right.
Chuck: No. Nothing happened. Same as nothing's been happening all week.
Serena: What are you talking about? You've had different girls every day. No.
Chuck: I'll take your incredulity as a compliment.
Serena: No, but, I mean, come on. You--you must have tried--
Chuck: Everything... From the erotic to the pharmaceutical.
Serena: I-i'm sorry. I'm not laughing. It's just so obvious. You're not over Blair. Wh--come on. This is your body's way of telling you.
Chuck: I don't have a romantic bone in my body, least of all that one. But you do raise an interesting idea. Clearly there's some sort of... Blockage. Perhaps...
Serena: No, Chuck.
Chuck: One more go-around, just to clear the pipes.
Serena: You are not using Blair as sexual drano.
Chuck: I have to make myself presentable. I have a party to attend. By the way... Congrats on you and Humphrey. Water always finds its own level.

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