Friday, 4 May 2012

The Dark Night - s02e03 - Vanessa

The Dark Night - s02e03 - Vanessa

The Dark Night - s02e03 - Vanessa by thegossiplook featuring a shimmer eyeshadow

Vanessa: How is it that you're not hot?
Nate: Well, it is the Upper East Side. I mean, getting hot is kinda frowned upon. So when am I gonna get to see you again?
Vanessa: Depends. Can I count on you not to cancel at the last second? Nate: That will never, ever happen again.
Vanessa: It's okay.
Nate: No, no, no. I'm serious. Like, I mean, everything with my family's been so crazy. But when you called today, it just felt like... Like I could breathe again. So... I wanna do this. I want to make this-- us--right, okay?
Vanessa: Okay. Tomorrow night?
Nate: Uh, tomorrow night I gotta take my mom to this, like, school party.
Vanessa: Fine. Come to the gallery. You can bring me lunch
Nate: Oh. Well. I...
Vanessa: Well, it was a good speech.
Nate: No, no, no, no. I'm serious. I mean, I have family stuff, but i-i'll reschedule, and they'll just have to deal with it.
GossipGirl: Rumor is, Nate Archibald has a hidden lady. Careful, N. Secrets don't keep long in this heat.

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