Monday, 29 October 2012

The Serena Also Rises - s02e05 - Blair

The Serena Also Rises - s02e05 - Blair

The Serena Also Rises - s02e05 - Blair by thegossiplook featuring cuff jewelry

Jenny: Lena, so glad you could make it. I love your hat.
Poppy: Oh. Is there a problem, Serena?
Serena: Yeah, there is. Excuse me. I think there's been a mistake. My name is Serena Van Der Woodsen, and someone else's name is on my seat.
Woman: Let me check.
Blair: There's no mistake. Miss Van Der Woodsen is sitting in the back row.
Jenny: No, she's not. She's in the front row with Poppy Lifton.
Blair: What are you doing here?
Jenny: My job, no thanks to you.
Blair: Don't you have socks to darn?
Jenny: Blair, this is not about you or me. Go find Serena's name card and put it on the correct seat.
Blair: Don't touch Serena's name card. It remains where it is.
Eleanor: Jenny, why aren't you backstage? Oh. What's going on?
Jenny: Uh, it seems like someone's moved Serena's seat.
Serena: Yeah, someone.
Eleanor: What is the matter with you? I am so sorry, Serena. Would you take care of this right away, please? Could you just spare me the dramatics for one day? Go backstage. Try not to get underfoot. Jenny, I am so glad that you are here.

Jenny: Hey. Um, would you mind putting this in the back for me? It's my dress for the after party.
Woman: No problem.
Jenny: Thanks.
Blair: Hi. Somehow my job got mixed up with Jenny's, And I want to make sure there's no more confusion. What does the list say Jenny's in charge of?
Woman: Making sure the models get from here to the runway.
Blair: Great. Thanks a lot.
GossipGirl: Spotted--Blair Waldorf looking to do a good deed? There's a first time for everything.
Jenny: Why did you do this? I waved the white flag at school. Why don't-- Why don't you just claim your throne and leave me alone?
Blair: Because I can't.
Jenny: So it's about Serena. This is about Serena. I didn't realize.
Blair: And why would you?
Jenny: Y-you might be privileged, Blair, But you work for every single thing you've  achieved, Like me. Serena just glides through.
Blair: Tell me about it.
Jenny: I wanted to be your friend last year for a reason. I wanted you to like me.

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