Monday, 8 October 2012

The Serena Also Rises - s02e05 - Lily

The Serena Also Rises - s02e05 - Lily

The Serena Also Rises - s02e05 - Lily by thegossiplook featuring lip makeup

Woman: Kiki Smith greeting you in the foyer. Elm and Drag pulling you into the main room.
Lily: I love that.
Woman: And making a statement on the stairwell-- Richard Phillips.
Serena: Hi, mom. I borrowed your necklace.
Lily: Oh, it's stunning! Serena, do you think—
Serena: It's a necklace, mom.
Lily: Oh, but I'm talking about the art collection. Isn't it just breathtaking?
Woman: Any museum would be thrilled.
Lily: Let's hope Bart is when he gets back from luxembourg this week.
Serena: It's really great, mom. Your art consultant has exquisite taste.
Lily: You got in late last night.
Serena: Oh, yeah. I had the M.O.M.A. event with, uh, Poppy. Mm. We were perfect ladies, though. We sipped on sodas all night.
Woman: Oh, Poppy Lifton, the socialite?
Lily: Yes, they met at a charity affair the other week and they've been attached at the hip ever since. Now for over here...
Woman: Yes, the Ryan Mcginley.
Lily: Yes. Uh, something else. There's a Mapplethorpe that's coming up for auction. Serena: Uh... Wait. Mapplethorpe-- Isn't that the one who took all the pictures of the naked guys?
Lily: Yeah. Um, not just guys.
Serena: Wait. Mom, did you... 
Woman: You modeled for mapplethorpe?
Lily: Well, I kept it a secret, but I think you and Eric are old enough now...
Serena: No, but it's not one of those artsy shot where you can't tell if it's a belly button or a...
Lily: Well, it's very tasteful, I assure you.
Serena: You just became the coolest mom on the Upper East Side.
Lily: Mm. Thank you.
Poppy: It is so nice to finally get to meet you, mrs. Bass.
Lily: You, too, Poppy. Please call me Lily.
Serena: Hey, mom, Poppy told me that you called her assistant to make arrangements for the two of us to go to Eleanor's show together.
Poppy: Serena doesn't seem to think it's such a good idea
Serena: Blair would be furious. Things are already tense between us. And we always watch the show backstage together. You know that, mom.
Lily: I know you did that when you were 12, but it is an honor to sit in the front row, and Eleanor specifically requested you.
Poppy: It is the only way to see a show, Serena.
Serena: Yeah, but you don't know Blair. She would never forgive me, ever.
Poppy: Okay, we'll do Eleanor's show, and then when we go to the Marc Jacobs after party, your friend Blair can come along. I have extra passes!
Lily: See, that is a wonderful idea
Serena: Oh. Uh, she might be okay with that. I'll ask her.
Lily: Oh, sorry. Forgive me, girls. I have to take this call. It's my art dealer. Did you find the photo? It can't have already sold. The auction's not until next week. Okay, well, find out who bought it and make them a better offer.

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