Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Serena Also Rises - s02e05 - Serena

The Serena Also Rises - s02e05 - Serena

The Serena Also Rises - s02e05 - Serena by thegossiplook featuring leather high heels

Poppy: Hey. Why aren't you dressed?
Serena: I don't think I'm gonna do this. Blair would be crushed. If anybody's gonna walk the runway in Eleanor's designs, it's her.
Poppy: Serena, I've only known you for a few weeks, but it's pretty clear you've spent your whole life worrying about Blair and what she thinks and how she feels.
Serena: You don't understand.
Poppy: I was best friends for years with this girl that was just like Blair, and it was subtle, but I was always having to make myself less sparkly so that she wouldn't feel insecure. Till one day I finally realized that is crazy... 'Cause a true friend would want you to be your most beautiful,  vibrant self.
Serena: No, I just--I really don't want to hurt her.
Poppy: I know. I know. But is that a good reason to hide your light? You're gorgeous, sweet, amazing. If Blair's a true friend, she'll support you.
Serena: You're right.
Poppy: Yeah? Okay. Come on.
Serena: Eleanor, where's my dress?
Blair: Here. Here.
Serena: Blair.
Blair: This will be beautiful on you. It's for the finale.
Serena: Are you sure?
Blair: Yes, yes. It's fine. Just hurry.
Serena: Okay.
Jenny: Where's Serena?
Blair: She's onstage.
Jenny: But I have her dress.
Blair: Oh. You mean Serena's on the runway of Eleanor Waldorf's show in a design not made by Eleanor Waldorf? Oh, dear.
Eleanor: That's not my dress.
Jenny: Yeah. I-it's my dress.

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