Thursday, 22 September 2011

Seventeen Candles - s01e08 - Serena and Dan

Seventeen Candles - s01e08 - Serena and Dan

Seventeen Candles - s01e08 - Serena and Dan by thegossiplook featuring a lace up bootie

Serena: I gotta say…
Dan: No need to say anything.
Girl: God, I hate people in love.
Vanessa: Wow, awkward.
Dan: Vanessa?
Serena: Serena, Dan.
Dan: No, no, no, no. Vanessa’s here.
Girl: Lovebirds ready to order?
Vanessa: Oh, I’ll take ‘em. Hi.
Dan: Hi. So, uh, you work here now?
Vanessa: I did mention that, but you’ve been distracted. Vanessa. Hi. Nice to see you.
Serena: This time you’re seeing less of me.
Vanessa: Sorry about that. Walking in when you were, you know... So you guys are up early. What’d you do last night? Oh, my god. I totally didn’t mean to pry.
Dan: You’re not prying.
Serena: Why would you think you’re prying?
Vanessa and Dan: No reason.
Serena: Did you tell her?
Dan: What? No. What’s to tell?
Vanessa: I know nothing, but if you guys did the thing I know nothing about, then I would totally support that.
Dan: Thanks, Vanessa. Good to know in the event that should happen.
Vanessa: Oh, meaning it didn’t happen?
Dan: Meaning I don’t even know what we’re talking about right now.
Serena: I know I’m lost.
Vanessa: And I should get lost. First day. I have lots of tables.
Dan: Clearly. So, Vanessa works here now.
Serena: Yeah, we should make this our regular spot.

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