Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Victor, Victrola - s01e07 - Vanessa

Victor, Victrola - s01e07 - Vanessa

Dan: See… You curl your fingers into a fist, and with simple thrust of force, you knock on the door.
Vanessa: Hey, I didn’t use the fire escape. Baby steps. And what are you doing watching porn?
Dan: It’s not porn. It’s art cinema.
Vanessa: Oh, from what I saw earlier, you don’t need to be doing research.
Dan: I can’t talk about this with you.
Vanessa: I’m curious, though, about the change in your attitude, because may I remind you, that in your pale, romantic, tortured days, you’d wax on, and I quote, that, “sex is meaningful, like art, and you don’t rush art”.
Dan: That was in, uh, 2005. I was more idealistic then. I was much younger, and there wasn’t an actual girl who wanted to have sex with me.
Vanessa: You’re… going to lose your virginity.
Dan: Ooh, can you…
Vanessa: My friend Dan.
Dan: … please not turn my sex life into a country song?
Vanessa: It’s okay. I’m sure Serena knows what to do, what with her vast experiences with boarding school professors, pamplonian bullfighters, best friends’ boyfriends…
Dan: That’s enough now. You can go. Please.
Vanessa: But if it sere me with you… I’d want you to hide Cedric, maybe get some candles and replace the football sheets. But… take it or leave it.
Dan: Thanks.

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