Thursday, 1 September 2011

The Handmaiden's Tale - s01e06 - Vanessa

The Handmaiden's Tale - s01e06 - Vanessa

Dan: Hey, you’re still up.
Jenny: Yeah, not that tired.
Dan: Well, I am. I’m exhausted. I ended up going to that ball, actually.
Jenny: Oh, really?
Dan: Yeah.
Jenny: Well, your night’s not over. There’s someone here to see you.
Vanessa: Pierogis? I come in peace.
Dan: Great. ‘Cause I’m starving. Look...
Vanessa: Save it, Humphrey. You’ve never done contrite well. Besides, I’m the one who should apologize.
Dan: No, really, I am. I should have told you about Serena.
Vanessa: And I should have asked you.
Dan: Well, I shouldn’t have lied about tonight.
Vanessa: And I shouldn’t have run out on you. Look, if we’re gonna be friends again, we’re gonna have to figure this stuff out.
Dan: You’re right and I’ve missed having a friend.
Vanessa: I’ve missed being one. We can start slow with the basics.
Dan: Like, uh, fewer lies, more ukrainian food.
Vanessa: And you telling me about everything I missed while I was gone, such as Serena.
Dan: Well, she’s pretty fantastic, almost as good as this pierogi. Yeah, she’s got this crazy mother who’s always, like, sparring with me, and this... and this best friend who’s very hard for me to deal with. The best friend has a boyfriend who’s hard for me to deal with. It’s... It’s all very hard for me. It’s very hard for me.

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