Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Seventeen Candles - s01e08 - Vanessa

Seventeen Candles - s01e08 - Vanessa

Seventeen Candles - s01e08 - Vanessa by thegossiplook featuring wide belts

Vanessa: Is your friend gonna be okay?
Serena: I’m not sure. She just broke up with her boyfriend, and then they got back together and then, um, I don’t know what just happened.
Vanessa: Well, she’s lucky to have you. Being a good friend is…
Serena: Challenging at times?
Vanessa: Hey, if I’ve been acting however I’ve been acting, it’s just ‘cause I’m protective of Dan.
Serena: And I’m protective of our relationship. I’ve never actually had one before. You guys just have everything in common, and, um, I’m just getting to know him. So, you know, it can be a little intimidating.
Vanessa: Talk about intimidating. You just admitted that you find me intimidating, so how cool does that make you?
Serena: I think you forgot to mention my superior “Guitar Hero” skills.
Vanessa: No, I didn’t forget that. At the next party, I’m asking for a rematch, ‘cause you were about to get smoked.
Serena: Oh, really? Well, I think the only thing getting smoked is you pale imitation of a guitar player.
Vanessa: Hey, I’m a golden god.
Serena: Oh really? Are you now?
Dan: Hey, am I interrupting anything?
Serena: Um, actually, you are.
Vanessa: I’ll give you guys a moment.
Dan: Might that have been bonding that I just walked in on?
Serena: A little bit.
Dan: Yeah? What were you talking about?
Serena: Nothing you need to know about.
Dan: Oh, so you have secrets now. I see. Well, listen, if you want to get out of here, Vanessa can only fit two on her Vespa but I can walk.
Serena: Oh, well, you know I love me a Vespa but I think I gotta stay here and be with Blair. You’re not the only one with a best friend.
Dan: Yeah.

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