Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Desperately Seeking Serena - s01e15 - Blair

Desperately Seeking Serena - s01e15 - Blair

Desperately Seeking Serena - s01e15 - Blair by thegossiplook featuring a wool cape

Yuki: Look, I’m not stupid. I know you’re not really interested in how my family owns half of Tribeca.
Hazel: Of course we’re interested. You’re the newest member of our little club.
Penelope: Which is only for the smartest girls of the junior class.
Yuki: Our junior class only has 30 girls. We’re already an elite club. Can I go now?
Hazel: You what would be hot? You, us at G Spa.
Yuki: I don’t drink.
Penelope: Saks fifth?
Yuki: Hate shopping.
Hazel: Yogurt on the steps?
Yuki: Lactose-intorelant. Look, I really don’t want any friends. All I want is to be alone and to never listen to Flo Rida ever again.
Penelope: What happened? A little backstage hit it and quit it?
Yuki: What? No, my boyfriend broke up with me at a Flo Rida Concert. One minute we were waving our hands in the air, like we just didn’t care, and the next…

Yuki: Oh god. Not that song.
Blair: Nelly Yuki, what’s wrong?
Yuki: It’s like it’s happening all over again. That song just reminds me of my boyfriend… my ex-boyfriend, I should say.
Blair: Oh no. Did he dump you? That’s horrible. What was his name? Brad? Bill?
Yuki: Todd… Jansen.
Blair: There’s nothing like the fresh, sharp pain of a breakup. Believe me, I’ve had my fair share of heartache, but this is about you. Tonight you’re gonna come over to my house and just cry till you get it all out of your system.
Yuki: I can’t. I have to be focused tomorrow.
Blair: You can’t focus when something’s on your mind. Now can you? Come, come, come. Tell me all about it.

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