Monday, 9 January 2012

Desperately Seeking Serena - s01e15 - Vanessa

Desperately Seeking Serena - s01e15 - Vanessa

Desperately Seeking Serena - s01e15 - Vanessa by thegossiplook featuring ballerina flats

Nate: Hey.
Vanessa: Vanessa. You’re Nate, right? You play a very small but crucial role in my video project.
Nate: Oh, that’s right. I remember you following Dan around with your video camera.
Dan: Hey, Nate. What are you doing here? I mean, I know the coffee’s good…
Nate: Since I’ve taken every SAT prep and review class in the five boroughs, I figured why not pay it forward?
Dan: So you don’t need these?

Nate: You know, I’ve actually already taken it. My parents don’t want me going to USC, so I had to make sure my scores were good enough to get in without their help, which, thanks to these books, they were, so I’m done.
Vanessa: While we all love hearing about the struggles of the idle rich, Dan’s got a fine tutor right here. I ace every practice test I take, so we don’t need your hand-me-downs.
Dan: Um, you know what? This is actually pretty good. This looks good. Thank you.
Vanessa: Is there a reason you insist on looking so desperate and needy?
Dan: She’s been like that since we were kids. Venomous without provocation.
Vanessa: It’s better than being a charity case.
Dan: She’s rude, too.
Nate: I see that. Yeah. Well, I gotta get going but I hope these are helpful.
Dan: Oh, yeah, yeah, very. Thank you. What? Hey, every little bit helps.

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