Thursday, 5 January 2012

Desperately Seeking Serena - s01e15 - Serena

Desperately Seeking Serena - s01e15 - Serena

Desperately Seeking Serena - s01e15 - Serena by thegossiplook featuring a leather waistcoat

Chuck: She really needs to tone down the social niceties. It’s embarrassing.
Serena: Eventually, the two of you are gonna have to work out your issues.
Chuck: What issues? I’m issue free. And… based on my exhaustive research, so are you.
Serena: Georgina?
Chuck: According to my very reliable sources, Georgina Sparks is nowhere near our fair isle. She’s in Switzerland, dating the Prince of Belfort.
Serena: There’s a prince of Belfort? And she’s dating him? Oh, thank God.
Chuck: Now you can enjoy the gifts she mailed you with peace of mind… and maybe Chuck in the room.
Serena: Oh, shoot. Except we’re siblings.

Chuck: Georgie always brought out the devil in you. Part of me is a little disappointed she’s not here.
Serena: I wonder which part.
Chuck: It’s been a while since I saw the old Serena.
Serena: Well, thanks to her, the new one has to break 2000 on her SATs. So if you could just go smarm elsewhere…
Chuck: The offer still stands. I know a… lovely little redhead. That’s just dying to be you for the day.
Serena: Oh, I’ll leave the cheating to you, Chuck. I plan on taking the SATs myself.
Nate: SATs?
Dan: Yeah, yeah and … soccer?
Nate: Why not give the old ball a kick?
Dan: Season’s just around the corner… in October. No, no, you know what? I have to stop doing that. I’ll just focus on myself and my test and my prep. What other people do of don’t do is about them, absolutely.
Nate: Not a good tester, huh?
Dan: Oh, Chuck. I had no idea you felt that way about me.
Serena: Good to know you’re at least still kind of funny. Hey, I’m sorry. I’ve been completely off the radar the past few days.
Dan: New home, new family. It’s okay.
Serena: Yeah, it’s… pretty overwhelming.
Dan: Yeah, I… I’ve been a little overwhelmed myself lately.
Serena: Well, you wanna hang out… Study?
Dan: I wanna take whatever SAT prep course you’re signed up for.
Serena: Well, it’s not too late.
Dan: Okay. I’m in, then. I’ll see you.

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