Tuesday, 31 January 2012

All About My Brother - s01e16 - Georgina

All About My Brother - s01e16 - Georgina

All About My Brother - s01e16 - Georgina by thegossiplook featuring safari jewelry

Vanessa: You can read about it all day long, but you have to walk the city to know it.
Georgina: Okay, but look, anything is better than getting lost on the train every day.
Vanessa: Subway. Click those heels all you want, you're not in Portland anymore.
Georgina: Seriously, you and Dan are so sweet to adopt me. I-I'd be a mess without you guys. Well, more of a mess than I already am.
Vanessa: Red-eye to go?
Dan: Yes, please. Thank you. Hey, Sarah. Sorry for talking your ear off the other night, guys.
Vanessa: He tends to ramble, as you'll get to know.
Dan: Yeah.
Georgina: Well, I'm a good listener, as he'll get to know. Are there any new developments?
Dan: Uh, no. No, more of the same. Jenny and her boyfriend are still inseparable, and she's even more insufferable.
Vanessa: Give her a break. Asher's her first love.
Dan: It's infatuation. It's not love.

Georgina: Yeah, but to a fifteen-year-old girl, I mean, there really isn't a difference.
Vanessa: And how long did it take you, Dan?
Dan: Um, that's a little different, Vanessa. It took me...
Vanessa: Uh, one glance at a ninth grade birthday party?
Dan: Yes, but two years to obsess over it.
Georgina: So things are better with...Serena?
Dan: Serena. Yeah. Yeah, good memory. Right. Things are finally back to normal.
Georgina: Good. Well, I mean... You know, it's tough making friends in a new city. It'd be really nice to meet her.
Dan: Yeah, Serena would love you. She loves everybody. Not that she would only like you because she doesn't discriminate. Um... ahem. See what she meant about that rambling thing? How's tonight?
Georgina: Tonight would be perfect.
Dan: Good. See you.

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