Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Desperately Seeking Serena - s01e15 - Jenny

Desperately Seeking Serena - s01e15 - Jenny

Desperately Seeking Serena - s01e15 - Jenny by thegossiplook featuring h&m cardigan

Rufus: ...You wish your brother good luck today? 
Jenny: Yeah... May I be excused? 
Rufus: No, you may not. And we are not gonna walk around this house all day and not talk to each other. 
Jenny: Fine. You want me to speak? I'll speak. You've completely and entirely prejudged the Upper East Side. 
Rufus: Maybe you shouldn't speak... 
Jenny: Dad, I learned my lesson on my birthday. Asher's not like those girls. He's different, he's nice, and polite, and he likes animals. Please let me go today? 
Rufus: So you didn't cancel? 
Jenny: I thought you'd change your mind. 
Rufus: I haven't. 

Rufus: You must be the Unity boy. 
Asher: Uh, hopefully there's not another one on his way. My name's Asher, and I do go to Unity. Hi.
Jenny: Asher? What are you doing here? 
Rufus: I was just gonna ask the same thing. 
Asher: Uh, since you couldn't come to the hotdogs, I'm bringing them to you. Sorry to surprise you, sir. 
Jenny: That's so sweet, especially since my unreasonable father has grounded me for life. 
Rufus: I'm standing right here.
Asher: I wish more of my friends' parents cared enough to ground them when they messed up. 
Gossip Girl: Looks like our queen wannabe's found her perfect king. 
Rufus: Well, since you're here, with a ... year's supply of hotdogs, maybe you'd like to come in. 
Gossip Girl: We hear he's a Unity man. Guess big brother's been teaching little sis how to snag the ones with a trust fund.

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