Monday, 16 January 2012

Desperately Seeking Serena - s01e15 - Chuck

Desperately Seeking Serena - s01e15 - Chuck

Desperately Seeking Serena - s01e15 - Chuck by thegossiplook featuring twill pants

Serena: I’m so stupid, so, so, so stupid.
Chuck: You don’t sound stupid. You sound drunk. What have you been into?
Serena: Georgina. Good news is, she doensn’t want anything except to party. Bad news is, I partied.
Chuck: Care to paint a picture? Does this party require clothes?
Serena: I’m suppposed to be at Dan’s studying. I called to tell him I’d be late, but not this late. I ... I just have to call him and say...
Chuck: That instead of studying with him, you’re out with your old pal Georgina.
Serena: No. I don’t want him to know she exists. My mom, Blair, even you can’t stand her. Dan of all people cannot know Georgie. Can you help me?
Chuck: Say you need me.
Serena: Chuck!
Chuck: Hearing you scream my name is more than enough. I’ll take care of it and pick you up in ten.

Dan: Hey, I’ve been wondering where you were.
Chuck: You mean all of your life?
Dan: Uh, don’t take this the wrong way, Serena, but you sound just like this jackass we know.
Chuck: Serena has food poisoning. She’s too sick to come to your playdate.
Dan: Put her on the phone.
Chuck: The bathroom doesn’t get reception.
Dan: Somehow I don’t believe you.
Chuck: And I’d like to say I’m a little glad about that, but my poor sick sister has asked for my assistance in the matter, so I’ll leave it at this... She’s not coming. Don’t try calling. Humphrey, always a pleasure.

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