Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Roman Holiday - s01e11 - Jenny

Roman Holiday - s01e11 - Jenny

Roman Holiday - s01e11 - Jenny by thegossiplook featuring a teal handbag

Dan: I know it’s been maybe ten minutes since I last asked, but are you still sure you don’t want to talk about it?
Jenny: Dad said he didn’t want to ruin our Christmas, that’s what I’m trying to do.
Dan: Hey well, just in case he’d change his mind.
Jenny: You’re here. I know. Okay. How about this? At least you know it’s something Serena doesn’t have.
Dan: A year of cheese for $600? Are these people kidding? I could buy a cow for that much money and make my own cheese.
Jenny: You just said “make my own cheese”. That’s disgusting.
Dan: I’m never gonna find a gift for Serena.
Jenny: Yeah, and your gift needs to be special enough to make up for the rest of her Christmas.
Dan: What do you mean?
Jenny: Well, she’s living in a hotel. You know, how homey can it be? It’s not exactly festive. Eric told me they don’t even allow trees.

Jenny: You know when I suggested this plan, I didn’t know that it would entail a robbery.
Dan: Hey, hey, hey. I’d like to do a donation so it was more of a rescue than a robbery. You know, those abandoned trees in that lot were just gonna be kindling the day after Christmas and this tree that we have here is gonna be loved and admired.
Jenny: Oh yeah, you have a real talent for spin, my brother. Okay.
Dan: I wish I had more talent for heavy lifting.
Jenny: Oh.
Dan: Oh.
Jenny: Yeah, well, what you’re doing for Serena is really romantic. I wonder what mon and dad are getting each other for Christmas. I thought that if I got them under the same roof, that things would go back to the way they were. They haven’t, have they?
Dan: I think there’s a real possibility that they might split up.
Jenny: If I hadn’t brought her back though, we could’ve just kept pretending that she’s just in Hudson doing her art.
Dan: You did the right thing, Jen. Really you did. ‘Cause whatever happens now, at least we’re not living in a fantasy, you know?

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