Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Roman Holiday - s01e11 - Serena

Roman Holiday - s01e11 - Serena

Serena: I just sent him a text and Dan’s on his way. Thank you so much.
Vanessa: It’s really no problem and since there are no problems, I should go.
Serena: Oh, no, no, no. Stay please.
Vanessa: You don’t need me. We talked about how to turn everything on.
Serena: No, I know I can do it, but I just want you to see Dan’s face.
Vanessa: I’ve really gotta get going.
Serena: Okay. Well, I’ll tell him how much you did.
Vanessa: Please don’t. It’s your present. Just… enjoy your night.

Serena: Merry Christmas. Do you like it? Do you think it’s cheesy?
Dan: No. No, no. It’s incredible. How did you do this?
Serena: Well, I had help from my elves.
Dan: Your present is waiting for you at home but I did bring a little pre-present for you.
Serena: Wait. This is your story.
Dan: Yeah, it’s the original. It’s right out of the spiral notebook.
Serena: I’m kinda scared to read it. What happened on October 8th, 2005?
Dan: Well, I was accidentally invited to a birthday party where I met a girl. She only spoke two sentences to me, but I’ve never forgotten her.
Serena: Wait, your story’s about me?
Dan: Are we really gonna do this?
Serena: Yeah.
Dan: The arts and crafts were impressive but how did you manage the real snow?
Serena: I’m well-connected.
Dan: This is, without question, the best Christmas ever.
Serena: Ever in the history of Christmas.
Dan: I hate to break the spell but… we better get home before our families wake up.

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