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School Lies - s01e12 - Serena

School Lies - s01e12 - Serena

School Lies - s01e12 - Serena by thegossiplook featuring v neck shirts

Dan: I don’t believe this.
Serena: Dan, it’s okay.
Dan: Serena, I can’t get expelled, I cannot be suspended. My whole future is riding on this. If you know who broke in, then why won’t you give them up?
Serena: Because it was me.
Dan: So why didn’t you tell me right away?
Serena: ‘Cause I didn’t want you to judge me.
Dan: Aren’t we already beyond that?
Serena: And I didn’t want you to know because I didn’t want you to have to be in this position you’re in now of having to choose between protecting me and helping yourself.
Dan: So, how’d you even get in?
Serena: I have a key.
Dan: You had a key to the pool?

Serena: All right, what happened to being beyond this?
Dan: Sorry.
Serena: The end of  the freshman year, I kind of dated the swim team captain and he gave me a key so that we could… you know, meet up and…
Dan: That’s enough said. And Saturday night, what happened then?
Serena: Well, Blair and I ran out of places to go and she knew I still had a key and… before I knew it, it’s like we were all there. And I thought it was just gonna be us girls and then everybody got on their phone and more people started showing up, and… I never thought anybody was gonna get hurt.
Dan: Yeah, well. You can still tell Queller the truth. I think she’ll respect your honesty.
Serena: Yeah, like she respected Nate’s?
Dan: No, Nate lied. And besides, you’re Serena Van Der Woodsen.
Serena: You didn’t know me before I went away. Barely got back into Constance. If I got expelled, I don’t think any school in town would take me.
Dan: I’m sure that’s not true.
Serena: I can’t risk going back to boarding school, being away from you and Eric. But I don’t want you to lose your future.
Dan: Wow. Oh wow. You really can be damned if you do and screwed if you don’t.
Announcer: Dan Humphrey, headmistress Queller is requestin to see you in her office after class.
Serena: I can’t believe she didn’t expel me.
Dan: Yeah, I know, it’s shocking.
Serena: I… 25 hours of community outreach. That’s not bad at all. I mean, I probably would’ve done it anyway being as I’m one of the committee.
Dan: That had occurred to me. Yeah.
Serena: Wait. What are you saying?
Dan: No, no, I’m not saying anything. Believe me.
Serena: So you don’t buy what she said about me being the poster child for the new honour code? Look, I know for a fact my mom didn’t plead my case or donate anything, okay.
Dan: I didn’t say a thing.
Serena: Are you trully turning this into an ‘upstairs – downstairs’ thing?
Dan: No, no, you are. I’m being completely silent. I’m just happy that you’re not being expelled, or leaving town anytime soon. Are you hungry? We should…
Serena: Always. But you still believe that there’s a double standard, that people like me get special treatment.
Driver: Ms. Van Der Woodsen. Your mother sent me to pick you up.
Serena: Oh, great. That was thoughtful.
Dan: I think you get no special treatment at all. Your life is completely uncharmed and… average.
Serena: It’s okay. I’ll walk.
Dan: No, come on. I’m… I was kidding. I was kidding. You’re going to Brooklyn?

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