Wednesday, 16 November 2011

School Lies - s01e12 - Serena

School Lies - s01e12 - Serena

School Lies - s01e12 - Serena by thegossiplook featuring high rise skinny jeans

Serena: Hey, hey, where are you going? I made us a study area in the other room.
Dan: You know what? I’m just gonna write this paper at home. I think Chuck is right.
Serena: Wait. Chuck? Don’t listen to him.
Dan: No, the guy has a point actually. Maybe the reason none of you guys take this seriously is because for you it’s not.
Serena: No, it is.
Dan: Vanessa, please, some space. I’m sorry.
Vanessa: Sorry.
Dan: Look, I’m all for loyalty and I’m all for sticking together but we are not in the same boat here. I’m on a partial scholarship. My parents have no way of buying my way back into this school, or any other. And I know this isn’t going to be a popular opinion with your band of brothers, but if the person who brought that key refuses to step up, then anybody who knows anything has the right to say something. Do… do you know who it is? You do, don’t you and you’re not gonna say anything?
Serena: Dan, please. You don’t understand.
Dan: You’re right. I mean, I don’t understand.

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