Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Much 'I Do' About Nothing - s01e18 - Blair

Much 'I Do' About Nothing - s01e18 - Blair

Much 'I Do' About Nothing - s01e18 - Blair by thegossiplook featuring hermes scarves

Serena: So, Tuscany with Chuck? Sounds romantic ...Minus the Chuck part... 
Blair: He invited me. In his father's private plane. And I was headed to France, so... 
Serena: So it's worth a week with Chuck to avoid airport security? 
Blair: Oh, don't worry. I'm gonna frisk him. 
Serena: Oh! B, gross! 
Blair: What can I say? He brings out the worst in me. And weirdly, I think I bring out the best in him. He's been a perfect gentleman this whole week.
Serena: Is that why you're driving yourself to the airport? 
Blair: He wanted to see his Dad before he left. Besides, we're taking the helicopter to Teterboro. I have to sit in the jump seat so that ... I can tell the pilot if I have any thoughts on his flying. 
Serena: Oh B, what's it gonna take to get you to relax? 
Blair: Chuuuuuuuuck...
Serena: Oh! God! My ears are bleeding! Make it stop! 
Blair: You gonna be okay? Alone, all summer, without your best friend, who always gets you out of trouble? 
Serena: Yeah. I'm... I'm looking forward to staying out of trouble for a while. 
Blair: ...Have you talked to Dan? 
Serena: No. Not since the wedding. It's for the best. For him, for me. I'm fine. 

Blair: Excuse me, is that the Bass helicopter? 
Man: No, it's not here yet. Are you on the Bass marketing team, too? 
Blair: No. I'm a guest of Chuck Bass. 
Man: If he's anything like his father, he must be...terrifying. 
Blair: He's not all bad. He is taking me to Tuscany. 
Man: That's romantic. So where is he? 
Blair: On his way. I had to get here early. I like the jump seat. 
Man: Oh. 
Blair: What? 
Man: Nothing. It's just... I like the jump seat. I have this thing about flying, and it makes me feel more... 
Blair: In control? 
Man: Yeah. 
Blair: Yeah. 
Man: Everything all right? 
Blair: Yeah. It... It's Chuck. I guess his Dad is getting in late, and he won't be able to make the flight. But he's booking something commercial.
Man: Well, I'd be willing to flip you for the jump seat. 
Blair: Bart did just get the jet reupholstered. And I do like when the ladies make you those cookies... What's ten hours? Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? 
GossipGirl: They say a leopard can't change his spots, but some things do change... The path not taken can become a road trip... Being grounded can lead to something groundbreaking... And whether they're sweating it out on the sultry streets or cooling their heels in the Hamptons, no one does summer like New Yorkers. Grab your shades and your sunblock, this one looks like a scorcher. Until then, you know you love me. XOXO, Gossip Girl.

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