Friday, 23 March 2012

Summer, Kind of Wonderful - s02e01 - Serena

Summer, Kind of Wonderful - s02e01 - Serena

Summer, Kind of Wonderful - s02e01 - Serena by thegossiplook featuring a christian dior perfume

Serena: Nate, why didn't you call me back this morning?
Nate: I can't talk about that here.
Serena: When you told me your secret girlfriend was older, I thought you meant college. Not to mention, Catherine's married.
Nate: Catherine ended it with me last night.
Serena: What? Tell me. Well, I'm glad to hear you're not seeing Catherine anymore. We can talk about it later.
Eric: So not only did James Schiller not go to Princeton, he also didn't go to Georgetown.
In fact, I couldn't find a record of him at any of the big schools.
Nate: Since when did you become Sherlock Holmes?
Eric: So you think James is--
Chuck: An untalented Mr. Ripley? If you want entrance in the upper class there's no easier mark than a wronged woman. It's time to call in the big guns. Mike, I need a background check on a James Schiller...
Eric: He's got a P.I. on speed dial.
Serena: Nate!
Eric: I know that face. That face is not your friend.
Serena: My grandmother just informed me you told her I'm gonna be your date to the White Party this evening? If things are really over with Catherine, then why do I still need to be your cover? Huh?

Nate: I know I shouldn't have used you again after our conversation this morning.
Serena: No, I get it. You have feelings for her. But let's just be honest about why you want to go tonight-- you wanna check out the competition.
Nate: No. I just--I-I wanna see her and her husband together... Just once.
Serena: Yeah, that's called checking out the competition, which is stupid and potentially dangerous, Nate.
Nate: Yeah, you're right.
Serena: But since I've been stupid and dangerous in the past, I... I'm not one to talk, am I? It--it was probably gonna be an uneventful evening anyway. Pick me up at 5:00.
GossipGirl: Sometimes the stars align for two old friends to come together. But sometimes they align for two old flames to totally combust.

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