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Summer, Kind of Wonderful - s02e01 - Serena

Summer, Kind of Wonderful - s02e01 - Serena

Summer, Kind of Wonderful - s02e01 - Serena by thegossiplook featuring silk evening gowns

Serena: Oh, you look great. Please tell everyone I said hi.
Man: All right, bye.
Catherine: Can you excuse me a moment? Trying to ruin my marriage?
Nate: Get me drunk?
Serena: Absolutely.
Serena: Come on. Cheer up, Charlie.
Catherine: What are you still doing here?
Serena: What did she just say to you?
Nate: She just asked me what I'm still doing here.
Serena: Oh, that's it. She's officially not invited to book club next summer.
Nate: I don't even know what I was thinking.
Serena: No, don't feel bad. Look, it's her fault for getting things started with you in the first place.
Nate: Oh, I know, but it was stupid. I just wish I could make her feel as badly as I feel right now.
Serena: You totally can.
GossipGirl: Spotted: Serena and Nate in a massive display of PDA...
Dan: Of course.
GossipGirl: And that's exactly what Dan Humphrey is... pretty damn angry.

Serena: No, no, no, Dan, Dan, wait.
Dan: No, thank you.
Serena: No, I-I didn't expect to see you.
Dan: You... you completely surprised me. I... Well, I have to say you didn't. Nate, huh? I guess even bad history repeats itself.
Serena: No, it--it's not what it looks like.
Dan: Let me guess... there's an explanation?
Serena: Yes.
Dan: Of course.
Serena: I was just trying to help him make someone jealous.
Dan: Who?
Serena: Well, I-I can't say.
Dan: Why not? Oh, well, I'm sure you can't tell me that either.
Serena: No, I can't, but that's not the point.
Dan: No, that's exactly the point. It can never just be a simple answer with you. It can't just be "I kissed Nate." It has to be "I-I kissed Nate because someone I can't name needed to see it for a reason I can't explain." It's the same drama, different city. Hi. What are you doing here?
Girl1: I came with a date. I'm glad I did...
Girl2: Because since I know her date, the two of us got to meet.
Girl1: Yeah, and then we got to talking, and we figured out that the other night at Jeremiah Harris' reading, when you were making out with me...
Girl2: You were supposed to be with me. Oops.
Serena: No, wait. no, no, let me guess. You can explain?
Dan: So I...  I-I-I went a little overboard.
Serena: A little?
Dan: Yeah. It's true, I did. And I hate that I'm even able to say this, but that's, um, that's not the first time something like that has happened. I, uh... I haven't been able to get you out of my head all summer. I-I was hoping when I saw you, I would know that we did the right thing, but I-I don't feel that way. I don't feel that way at all.
Serena: Can we not talk about this right now? Right now I just need to make sure my grandfather's suit from the '70s isn't ruined forever...
Dan: Yeah.
Serena: More than it already was by being my grandfather's suit from the '70s.
Dan: I missed that little laugh of yours.
Serena: Shh, just...
Dan: Okay.
GossipGirl: When words get in the way, there's really only one thing left to do...
Dan: Let's get out of here. You wanna get out of here?
Serena: Yes. I just have to say good-bye to, um, a few dozen people first. Um, do you want to...
Dan: Yeah, I'll--I'll-- I'll meet you at the beach. I'll wait there.
Serena: Okay.

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