Thursday, 22 March 2012

Summer, Kind of Wonderful - s02e01 - Blair

Summer, Kind of Wonderful - s02e01 - Blair

Summer, Kind of Wonderful - s02e01 - Blair by thegossiplook featuring a christian dior perfume

Blair: Damn that mother-chucker. Ugh! He--he's totally right. I don't even like James.
Serena: Thank you. I was waiting for that.
Blair: I only hooked up with him a week ago because I knew that I couldn't get off the plane alone. And it would kill me if Chuck knew that he'd ruined my summer.
Serena: Oh, B, I'm so sorry. Was it really bad?
Blair: I would be in my cabana at the h and there he would be. Amid all the fireworks on Bastille Day, all I could see was that Chuck Bass-tard.
Chuck: The limo's taking me back in an hour. You're welcome to join me.
Nate: Dude, you're not going to the White Party? Come on. pretty girls, white dresses.
Chuck: Unless there's a sprinkler, I don't care. Besides, it's tourist season in the city. Easy pickings.
Nate: Ah.
Chuck: Okay, and I don't want Blair throwing her callboy in my face.

Blair: At least I could have gotten a more interesting stand-in than James. Do you know how hard it is to find a good fake boyfriend on short notice?
Serena: Well, he was smart and fun at tea yesterday, and he's really cute, too.
Blair: You don't have to lie anymore, Serena. He served his purpose. Now that Chuck is on his way back to the city, I can dump James just in time to go to the White Party stag. How was your date, by the way?
Serena: After a few hours with that guy, I needed life saving, not guarding.
Blair: Babysteps, ma cherie, babysteps.
Chuck: By the way, Archibald, now that the summer's over, I can tell you I never believed any  of the talk that you hit it with my sis. Good morning, Waldorf.
Blair: It was until now.
Chuck: So where's Princeton? I'm surprised you let him get away.
Blair: James goes to Georgetown, and unlike you, I don't lose something if I let it out of my sight.
Chuck: I don't know where you've been, but your boy toy is a Princeton man. He and I talked about it while you played dress-up with Serena last night.
Blair: You misheard, Chuck. He's always going on and on about his crew division and his eating club. It's Georgetown all the way.
Chuck: I know he said Princeton.
Blair: Georgetown.
Chuck: Princeton.
Blair: Georgetown. Serena, let's go.
Chuck: Eric, it's me. You were at dinner last night. What college does Blair's consort go to? Yeah, well, that's not what he told Blair. Do some research, junior. I'm in the mood to be right.
Blair: James... The past six days have been exactly what I needed them to be.
James: Me, too. And there's something I--
Blair: Me first. Sorry.
Chuck's message: "Looks like I'll be seeing you and 'Princeton' at White Party after all."
James: Oh, what is it? What did you want to say?
Blair: I just wanted to ask if you'd like to come to the White Party with me tonight.
James: Sure. That--that'd be great.

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