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Much 'I Do' About Nothing - s01e18 - Chuck

Much 'I Do' About Nothing - s01e18 - Chuck

Much 'I Do' About Nothing - s01e18 - Chuck by thegossiplook on

Chuck: Yeah, I'll be taking off soon. I wanted to catch my Dad before I left, see how the honeymoon went, catch a glimpse of a man in love. 
Nate: Well, why don't you just take a look in the mirror, Chuck? Taking Blair to Europe, huh? Things are getting pretty serious. 
Chuck: It's no big deal. My Dad's jet was going to Italy on business, Blair was going to France. So, you ... Planning to spend the summer sweating it out in Brooklyn? 
Nate: Uh, I think my time across the Bridge is over.
Chuck: Nathaniel, what happened with you and Punky Brewster? 

Bart: Who's that? 
Chuck: Blair. I should get going, I just wanted to see you before I disappeared for the summer. I'm glad you had a good trip. 
Bart: I hope you have a good trip, too. You deserve it. And I must say, I'm proud of you. 
Chuck: Dad, my best man speech was a week ago. And it was nothing. 
Bart: Polite? Modest? You really are growing up. 
Chuck: Let's not get carried away. I plan on holding on to my youth for as long as possible. 
Bart: Sometimes that choice isn't up to you. 
Chuck: That's the best thing about Blair. She knows me, knows I'll never change. 
Bart: Yeah... Until you take her away to Europe on a private jet. That is gonna change everything. But that's a good thing, son. Having a real girlfriend will force you to learn about responsibility, sacrifice, being faithful... Taking into account somebody else's feelings, not just your own. 
Chuck: ...Feelings? 
Bart: All the partying and the women... You will come back from this summer a new man. Take my word for it. 
Chuck: ...Oh, I will. 
Lily: Oh! There you are. This is Amelia. She's been helping me with the apartment renovations. 
Bart: Great. Nice to meet you. 
Chuck: ...Amelia. A moment? 
Amelia: What's this? 
Chuck: I was hoping we could discuss what you have planned for my room. 
Amelia: And who are you? 
Chuck: I'm Chuck Bass.

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