Monday, 26 March 2012

Summer, Kind of Wonderful - s02e01 - Jenny

Summer, Kind of Wonderful - s02e01 - Jenny

Jenny: Hey, thanks again for giving me another chance.
Eric: Thanks for being worthy of it. You know you're on probation, right?
Jenny: Yeah.
Laurel: I think you guys all look great. I ju--

Jenny: Hi. Vitamin water?
Man: What kind would you like?
Jenny: Uh, "Rescue," please?
Man: Okay.
Laurel: Make that two.
Man: You got it.
Laurel: So, Ginny... How did you manage to get in, and in that dress? You know, I checked at the door, and your name's not on the list, and they said you were someone's plus-one. But I told them that someone like you couldn't possibly know anyone here.
Jenny: Oh, look. Actually, here's someone I know coming right now.
Eric: Jenny, this is Tinsley Mormer, a friend of my mom's. Tinsley, this is my friend Jenny I told you about. And that's Laurel.
Tinsley: It's so nice to meet you, Jenny.
Jenny: It's nice to meet you, too. I have a look book of photos from magazines that I cut out, and you're in, like, all of them. You have amazing taste.
Tinsley: That is so sweet. Thank you. You know, Eric said you're an aspiring designer.
Are you wearing one of your own pieces?
Jenny: Yeah, as a matter of fact, I am.
Laurel: So... I hear Tinsley offered to help you find an internship if you want one.
Jenny: Yeah, she did. I said thanks, but I'm actually learning a lot where I am right now. I didn't think it was right to leave just yet.
Laurel: Well, enjoy the rest of your weekend... Jenny. I'll see you monday?
Jenny: I look forward to it.
Eric: Do you think she meant any of that?
Jenny: No, probably not, but at least she knows my name now, right?

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