Friday, 9 December 2011

The Blair (B)itch Project - s01e14 - Blair

The Blair (B)itch Project - s01e14 - Blair

The Blair (B)itch Project - s01e14 - Blair by thegossiplook featuring burberry coat

Blair: Cat? Cat! Cat! Cat! Cat!
Nate: You don’t have a cat, Jenny.
Blair: My name is Blair.
Nate: You don’t have anyone.
Blair: But I’m Blair. I’m Blair!
Dorota: Ms. Blair. Ms. Blair.
GossipGirl: Wakey, wakey, Upper East Siders. Spring break is done and I’m starved for the dish. Were you sunning in Capri or sinning in Croatia? Give me the deets.
Blair: Oh, what’s happening?

Dorota: You have bad dream and you’re sleeping with your chocolates.
Blair: Oh, lady Godiva, my only friend.
GossipGirl: And has anyone spotted our ex-queen B? Where does the dethroned royalty vacation these days?
Dorota: Club bed is over. First day back to school.
Blair: I can’t, Dorota. I don’t feel very well.
Dorota: Serena come to get you soon.
Blair: Call her and cancel. And cover my mirrors. I’m in mourning for my former life.

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