Friday, 30 December 2011

The Blair (B)itch Project - s01e14 - Chuck

The Blair (B)itch Project - s01e14 - Chuck

Serena: What the hell is your problem?
Chuck: Specify the context.
Serena: You disgust me, Chuck. How dare you involve Eric in something like this? No wonder you’re friendless and girlfriendless. And your own father expects the worst from you.
Chuck: Well, you saw to that.
Serena: Listen, if we’re gonna exist under the same roof, I am laying down some house rules.
Chuck: No need, princess. Bart already kicked me out.
Serena: What?
Chuck: I’m moving back to my suite. Bart thought it would be best for the family be that way for a while.

Serena: Oh, for me? Thank you. Oh my god.
Lily: What’s wrong?
Serena: Nothing. I’ll be back.
Serena: Hey, I’m really sorry, Chuck. I know it wasn’t you who sent me that stuff.
GossipGirl: Never thought I’d say this, but it turns out Chuck Bass is innocent. Who did send S all those naughty gifts?
Chuck: Why don’t I make you a drink?

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