Thursday, 15 December 2011

The Blair (B)itch Project - s01e14 - Serena

The Blair (B)itch Project - s01e14 - Serena

The Blair (B)itch Project - s01e14 - Serena by thegossiplook featuring an army coat

Dan: Well, have you always looked this good? You look so good to me.
Serena: You look so good to me and you smell… so clean.
Dan: Mm, you’re not gonna tell me the Chuck shower story again, are you?
Serena: No.
Dan: Good.
Chuck: Dan.
Dan: Chuck, how are you?
Chuck: Excellent. Enjoying having family around.
Serena: Can you just get it over with, Chuck? Say whatever pervy thing you’re gonna say and just leave?
Chuck: The wedding caterer is presenting a tasting to the family. I was coming to call you to dinner.
Dan: Okay, I’ll take off then.
Chuck: No nee. I already asked the stuff to set a place for you.

Bart: I have to say I prefer the chestnut pappardelle.
Lily: Yeah, the foie gras is a bit rich.
Dan: You know, I’m… slanting heavily towards the venison fellow.
Serena: It’s fallow.
Dan: Fallow. Fallow, exactly. Fallow.
Serena: Oh, for me? Thank you.
Eric: Who’s it from?
Serena: I don’t know… but it says “open immediately”. Do I have to refrigerate it?
Dan: It’s not for me, I don’t know.
Lily: Oh, don’t put your dirty package on the table.
Chuck: If I had a dime for every time I heard that.
Bart: That’s enough, Chuck.
Serena: Porn and handcuffs? Really?
Lily: Oh my.
Serena: This is low, Chuck. Even for you.
Chuck: What? I didn’t send this.
Dan: Excuse me.
Lily: Uh, could you…
Dan: Oh, yeah. My pleasure. It’s not… that’s not what I… I didn’t mean that. It’s… it’s trash. I’ll throw it out.

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