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The Blair (B)itch Project - s01e14 - Jenny

The Blair (B)itch Project - s01e14 - Jenny

The Blair (B)itch Project - s01e14 - Jenny by thegossiplook featuring slimming dresses

Betty: I thought you said you didn’t have anything else.
Jenny: Well, I found some stuff in the back of my closet.
Betty: Do you wanna go with cash again or do you wanna buy your sewing machine back?
Jenny: Neither. I want that dress.
Betty: Honey, this is $1200. This one’s… quite lovely.
Jenny: Yeah well, that’s more my colour.

Jenny: Hey, guys, I just got this incredible Dolce. You wanna see?
Isabel: It’s unbelievable. You can’t turn your back in your own house.
Jenny: What are you guys talking about?
Hazel: My mother’s Valentino was stolen.
Jenny: Oh my god.
Hazel: It was made especially for her. It was the same year he did Jackie O’s lace wedding mini.
Jenny: Well, did someone break in?
Penelope: No, and the maid swore to the police that she didn’t take it but she’ll probably get fired.
Jenny: Wait, police for a dress?
Laurel: Its worth is $15000.
Hazel: My mother told the maid if she returned it, she could work something out.
Penelope: Like she’ll bring it back.
Jenny: Well, you never know. I mean, it could turn up.
Isabel: Right, cause really, where is she gonna wear it?
Jenny: Oh, thank god, Betty? Hi. Excuse me. Um…
Betty: Would you pardon me for a minute, please?
Jenny: I need to trade back. All right, you can keep the scarf and the shoes. But I need to give you this one to change the red one.
Betty: I’m sorry, but that’s just not gonna be possible.
Jenny: What? Why?
Betty: You know, when you leave here with an item, you’re agreeing to its value. The Dolce sold at $1200. The Valentino… is seven times that.
Jenny: Please look, this has sentimental value and I didn’t realise…
Betty: No, I’m sorry.
Jenny: A couple of hours ago, this dress was mine, all right? Doesn’t even have tags on it yet.
Betty: Look, it’s not my fault that you don’t know what a Valentino’s worth.
Nate: Hello?
Jenny: Nate, it’s Jenny.
Nate: What’s going on?
Jenny: Listen, I wouldn’t be calling you if I had anyone else to turn to but I made a mistake and I need to fix it and I really need to borrow some money.
Nate: Wait. Wait. Jenny, just slow down.
Jenny: I promise I’ll pay you back.
Nate: Is everything okay?
Jenny: Yeah, I just… I made a mistake, and I need to fix it.
Nate: Well, how much?
Jenny: $8000.
Nate: $8000? Jenny, what do you need that kind of money for?
Jenny: You know what? Forget it. I’m sorry I bothered you.
GossipGirl: The price of fitting in might have gotten a little steeper… but little J still knows it’s what’s underneath that counts.

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