Friday, 7 October 2011

Blair Waldorf Must Pie! - s01e09 - Blair

Blair Waldorf Must Pie! - s01e09 - Blair

Blair Waldorf Must Pie! - s01e09 - Blair by thegossiplook featuring suede handbags

Harold: Found it. Sous-chef, you’re needed.
Blair: Ready and awaiting orders.
Harold: I see we have extra help.
Blair: Yes, well, Serena’s spending thanksgiving with us this year.
Harold: Ah! The more the merrier. Happy to have you, my dear.
Serena: Whoo! Yes!
Eleanor: The canapes were a huge success. I saved one for you, Blair.
Blair: I’m not really hungry.
Eleanor: Well, what does that mean you’re not really hungry?
Blair: Well, I had like 15 of them this morning when daddy first made them.
Eleanor: 15?
Blair: Serena. Serena!

Eleanor: Do you think that’s wise?
Harold: Darling, she’s fine. She has been for two months. What did the doctor say? Don’t drive us crazy, okay? So, please.
Eleanor: Ah, fine. We are going to need to set another place at the table. Laurel brought one of the models I’m working with.
Harold: Do I know her? What’s her name?
Eleanor: His name is Roman.
Harold: Ah, Roman.
Eleanor: Not this one, Harold. We have to work together.
Nate: Hey, you!
Eleanor: Happy thanksgiving.
Nate: You too. Good to see you.
Eleanor: Want one?
Nate: Ah, sure.
Eleanor: Good boy.
Harold: Nate the great.
Nate: So, what’d I miss?
Harold: Nothing. You’re about to witness the return of sober Serena.
Serena: Oh, Nate!
Nate: Oh, no.
Harold: Or maybe not. Sweetie, would you take her upstairs? Put her in the bath before your mother gets wind of this whole situation?
Blair: What, and leave you all alone? Thanksgiving is our thing. Nate, will you please take care of her? Please?
Nate: Oh, I will. Come on. Here.
Blair: Daddy, can I help with the pumpkin pie?
Harold: Of course.
Blair: Thank you.
Harold: Crush them.
Blair: Thank you very much. Crush them.

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  1. Blair is my all time favourite character!



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