Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Extras - Blake Lively

Extras - Blake Lively

Extras - Blake Lively by thegossiplook featuring juicy couture jewelry

Next episode: s01e10 - Hi, Society:

The annual Cotillion Ball is about to take place. Blair is not going with Nate, but she finds herself being featured in The New York Times and is enjoying her secret affair with Chuck. Serena is not going, so her grandmother, CeCe, shows up to change her mind. Jenny volunteers for the ball and Lily takes her under her wing. But the night of The Cotillion is the night of Alison's first art opening, and Rufus and Alison say Jenny cannot attend the ball. Jenny decides to defy them both. Refreshed by Blair's newly buoyant attitude, Nate asks her to The Cotillion and she says yes, which makes Chuck jealous. CeCe tells Lily and Serena that she is sick and her last dying wish is to see Serena go to the ball, and she wants Serena to go with Carter Baizen. CeCe insults Dan and offers to pay Rufus off to convince Dan not to go with Serena. Dan learns of this and tells Serena that he does not think very highly of CeCe, which results in a huge fight between them. Serena decides to go to the ball with Carter. Chuck manipulates Nate into thinking Carter is having an affair with Blair, so Nate punches Carter at the ball.

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