Friday, 28 October 2011

Roman Holiday - s01e11 - Lily

Roman Holiday - s01e11 - Lily

Roman Holiday - s01e11 - Lily by thegossiplook featuring a canvas shoulder bag

Lily: Oh, Rufus, Alison, hello.
Alison: Hi.
Lily: Oh, Rufus. You remember my friend Bartholomew Bass?
Bart: Hi. From Eleanor’s?
Rufus: Yeah. Hello.
Alison: Eleanor’s?
Rufus: Oh, this is my wife, Alison.
Alison: Hi.
Bart: How do you do?
Lily: Well, it’s lovely to see you both. Excuse me, please.
Alison: I guess Lily’s targeted her next billionaire.
Rufus: Actually I think she’s had him in her sights for a while.

Lily: Well, that was awkward.
Bart: It wouldn’t be if you let people know what we were doing together.
Lily: I’m just starting to trust you again.
Bart: And the only reason you didn’t trust me last time was because of a misunderstanding.
Lily: Yes, and to avoid another one, we should understand that if it doesn’t work out between us again, I’m gonna feel twice as humiliated.
Bart: Not telling people about us ensures that we don’t work out. Look, when I committed myself to you, I meant it. You know I am in love with you. What are you waiting for?

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