Thursday, 20 October 2011

Hi, Society - s01e10 - Dan

Hi, Society - s01e10 - Dan

Hi, Society - s01e10 - Dan by thegossiplook on

Cece: Do you like it here, Mr. Humphrey?
Dan: Well, it’s a little bit like a museum, a little cold, although the water pressure is unparalleled.
Cece: That’s not what I meant, but of course, you would make a joke, that goes to my point.
Dan: Excuse me? Did I miss something here?
Cece: Oh, yes. The way you feel? It never goes away. It just gets worse.
Dan: I’m sorry. I don’t quite…
Cece: You’ll always use your dessert fork for your entrée. You’ll always feel underdressed, no matter what you wear, and at dinner parties, it will be as if there’s a language that sounds like english, and you think you speak it, but they don’t hear you, and you don’t understand them. As time passes, you’ll feel the people never see you when they look at you but wonder really whether you’re Serena’s whim or her charity case, until the day comes when you realise that girls like Serena don’t end up with Dan Humphrey. They end up with the Carters of the world, and, um, people like you they turn into coctail party anecdotes of their foolish youth. So why don’t you, uh, give it up and spare yourself the pain, hmm? I’m sure Serena will understand.
GossipGirl: This just in we hear there’s a cold war brewing between lonely boy and a certain blue blood. We never thought we’d say this ourselves…
Serena: There you are. What’s going on?
Dan: I’ll tell you what’s going on. I just became your escort to the ball.
Serena: Ooh!
GossipGirl: ...But our money’s on Brooklyn for the win.

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