Monday, 24 October 2011

Hi, Society - s01e10 - Serena

Hi, Society - s01e10 - Serena

Hi, Society - s01e10 - Serena by thegossiplook featuring vintage chanel jewelry

Serena: Ooh. I'm sorry. I know this is not what you signed up for.
Carter: It's okay. It doesn't hurt nearly as bad as waking up that morning in Santorini and finding you'd jumped on a boat.
Serena: Yeah well, that night wasn't exactly what I signed up for either. The whole thing caught me a bit by surprise.
Carter: No, I get it, which is why I was surprised when your grandmother called me last week.
Serena: Wait. Last week? I wasn't even going to cotillion last week.
Carter: Yeah, but Cece said she thought you'd change your mind.
Cece: That was quite a mess you made but I was able to clean it up. The chairs agreed to reissue your presentation statement in the committee's winter newsletter.
Serena: I stood up for you.
Cece: What are you talking about?
Serena: With Dan. I defended you.
Cece: We'll talk about that later.
Serena: No, we don't need to talk at all, grandma. I just want to know one thing. Are you even ill?
Cece: No. But I could be. All those cigarettes and cocktails.
Serena: Why did you do this?
Cece: Oh, Serena. There is so much you don't understand. A woman has to earn the right to create her own rules.
Serena: Things aren't the way they were when you were young, grandma.
Cece: You may be right about that.

We hear: The Pierces - Secret

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