Friday, 7 October 2011

Blair Waldorf Must Pie! - s01e09 - Lily

Blair Waldorf Must Pie! - s01e09 - Lily

Blair Waldorf Must Pie! - s01e09 - Lily by thegossiplook featuring studded handbags

Alison: Thank you.
Rufus: What’s taking Dan and Serena so long?
Dan: Hey, we’re here.
Alison: There you are. You’re lucky you made it while the turkey’s still hot.
Dan: Mom, this is Serena and this is her brother Eric.
Alison: It is so nice meet you both.
Serena: It’s nice to meet you, too.
Eric: Hi.
Dan: And this is their mother, Lily.
Lily: Happy thanksgiving. Well. It is so nice to meet you.

Alison: Alison. Right, it’s nice to meet you too. Lily, was it?
Lily: Yes. Well, I’m just gonna take these coats and put them in… Dan’s room.
Alison: You know what? It’s okay. I’ve got them.
Rufus: Oh, thank you. Okay, Eric and Jenny, napkin duty. Serena and Dan, I want every water glass filled and every candle you can find lit.
Lily: I am sorry. I did not know that you were…
Alison: Back? Well, I am. And why would you know?
Lily: Well, Dan never mentioned it when he invited me. I called.
Rufus: I didn’t hear the phone.
Alison: You know what? It’s fine. It’s fine. Let’s just have a great time. This holiday’s about sharing.
Lily: Right. And if you don’t mind, could we not share too much? I haven’t exactly told my kids about my past. Well… our past.
Dan: Hey, turkey’s almost room temp, guys. Come on down.
Rufus: You grab the mashed.
Alison: I got that.
Rufus: Happy thanksgiving.

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