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Roman Holiday - s01e11 - Blair

Roman Holiday - s01e11 - Blair

Roman Holiday - s01e11 - Blair by thegossiplook featuring silver jewelry

Lily: Blair. Oh, happy holidays.
Blair: Happy holidays! Mrs.Van Der Woodsen, Mr.Bass, I didn’t think that you were still in town. I figured that you were with…
Bart: With Charles? No. Sadly, I am stack here on business while he suns himself at my hotel in Monaco. I have my staff keeping an eye on him and I’ll join him for New Year’s.
Blair: Oh, right. I was wondering why he’d been so quiet and Monaco answers my question.
Bart: Yeah.
Blair: Lovely to see you two. Bye.
Serena: Blair, there you are.
Blair: I can’t talk right now, Serena. I’m late and I have…
Serena: A huge sweet tooth?
Blair: They’re for my dad and me. We get them every year and he landed from Paris 27 minutes ago.
Serena: Oh, then vite, vite!? Come on, I said vite!

Blair: Hey! Nice holiday spirit, scrooge!
Serena: Oh gosh. So it’s gonna be a real Waldorf Christmas?
Blair: Well, a real Waldorf Christmas Eve. Eleanor drew the line at Christmas day. That’s only for me, her and Dorota.
Serena: Well, you still have a couple of days to do that.
Blair: No, it’ll be more than just a couple of days. I’m gonna convince him to stay in New York.
Serena: What about Paris and Roman?
Blair: Roman is a phase. My father belongs here with me. He only left New York to ride out of the scandal.
Serena: Oh!
Blair: Time to come home, don’t you think? Hey, did you want to ask me anything?
Serena: Yes, a gift idea for Dan? Vanessa got the most thoughtful Dan-like present ever.
Blair: Why don’t you buy him a Cedric and call it a day?
Serena: Thank you for being totally not helpful at all. See you tomorrow night.
Blair: Bye.
Blair: Hi!
Harold: Blair-bear!
Blair: Oh!
Harold: Oh, look at you. More beautiful than ever. Sweetheart, you remember Roman?
Roman: Blair. You are still perfection. Delicate. Yet full with flavour. Like a macaron.
Eleanor: Imagine my surprise when the elevator door opened and out popped both of ‘em.
Harold: Well, I didn’t think you’d mind. It’s perfect opportunity for you two to get to know each another better.
Blair: Absolutely. It’s for you.
Harold: Oh, sweetheart, you remember it. It’s our tradition.
Blair: That’s for you.
Roman: Merci, Blair.
Blair: My pleasure.

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